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Art 170 – Week 3

Things I learned this week…

There are 3 image formats and they each have their own purpose:

  • JPEG – photographs
  • GIF – type, vector, flat, or hard edged images
  • PNG – probably no the best choice

Visualization is all about telling the computer exactly how you want something seen

Tags, and block elements, and style… Oh My!


Art 170 Week 2 Summary

This week I learned a lot of lessons:

1. This course is a lot of work and cannot be all done in one day (unless you literally want to spend all of your waking hours)

2. Learning from scratch how to code an entire resume is cool, daunting, and frustrating at times (until of course you figure out there are tricks in there to see if know to replace characters with actual text to get rid of the annoying question mark box)

3. Go through EVERY link in the week to make sure you aren’t missing an assignment

4. Kuler is by far the coolest web site I have seen.  I took a picture of my daughter and me and made a color palate that was awesome! (

5. Color is subjective or the most part, but there are a few no-nos for use in web design

Good coding chart to have:

  • doctype – defines the type of doc
  • html – describes content
  • head – style, script, other formatting
  • title – title of page at the top of the browser (inside head tag)
  • body – visible content (inside html tag)
  • h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 – heading styles
  • p – paragraph
  • a – hyperlink <a href=”actual link”>what you want to call it </a>
  • ul – unorderd list (bullets)
  • ol – ordered list (numbered, lettered)
  • li – parts of the above lists
  • strong – importance (bold)
  • em – emphasis (italic)
  • images – can be hyperlinks
  • inline images – <IMG SRC=”name of file” ALT=”Mouse over name”>
    • can set border …BORDER=”Z”
    • can set width …WIDTH=”500″
    • can set height …HEIGHT=”337″

Graphics editing programs

  • Kompozer – free
  • BBEdit – MAC only
  • Coffee Cup – cheaper
  • MS Expression – replaced Front Page
  • Coda – MAC Only
  • Dreamweaver – expensive, Cadillac, weak FTP



Week 1 Summary

This week the class lectures and videos focused on the basics of web design and the elements behind a web page.  The lectures went over the basics of web design (front end development) and the process of designing, and dreamweaver as a web site creator and manager.

Web Design Concepts of note:

-The web is a series of interactions between clients (browsers, mobile devices, chat) and servers (deliver content via FTP, mail, DB, name server).
-Browser (url) –> DNS (locates host & requests content)–> PHP (hosting server)–translates/renders–> Browser
-http(protocol/tells type)://www(subdomain).lynda(domain name).com(top-level domain)/(path/port)
-FTP(large files), SMTP(sends mail) v. POP(receives mail), RTP(videos,audio)
-http: stateless nature
-html tags/structure:

<head>look and function, not visuals, better but not necessary
</head>closing head
<body>visual, set in order, appearance
</body>closing body
</html>closing html

Dreamweaver Concepts of note:

-Create and manage not just pages, but web sites
-need to care and understand HTML and CSS
-label assets: _assets to separate from folders
-don’t use spaces, shorten names, no special characters or punctuation, avoid uppercase, be consistent between .htm and .html

Lecture Video:

Web sites of note:

And It Begins…

I have always wanted a blog, but I felt as if it was important to write to an audience… and now I have one!  My class gives me the reason to finally set one up… and begins my blogging journey-Enjoy!

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